Cabbages & Kings--A Kid's Guide to Tallinn, Estonia by John D Weigand ePub

The first traces of human settlement found in Tallinn's city center by archeologists are about 5000 years old. The comb ceramic pottery found on the site dates to about 3000 BC and corded ware pottery c. 2500 BC. Then in 1154 a town called Qlwn (or Qalaven) was put on the world map of the Almoravid by the cartographer Muhammad al-Idrisi who described it as a small town like a large castle among the towns of Astlanda. John D. Weigand and Penelope Dyan went to the town of Tallinn, Estonia and would agree the cartographer's description is very accurate when it comes to this town because it is exactly like stepping into a castle province, and you can imagine it exactly as it once was, a place of cabbages and kings. This is a place for a child to fire up the imagination inside, to hear music, to eat candied almonds sold in little bags on the street, to watch archers with bows take aim at targets, and to walk among green paths, cobblestones and flowers.

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