Dear Real Estate Agent, There Are Answers. : Six Industry Professionals Share Their Knowledge by Katherine Scarim ePub

"Scarim goes beyond the typical pipeline filling advice to lay out the basics not everyone thinks of immediately, but that will bite agents in the you-know-where if they don't get it down..." Meg White REALTOR(R) Magazine Weekly Book Scan blog No one can imagine what it is truly like to be a real estate agent until they have been in the trenches. But you know what it's like - it's tough. Darn tough! And what's worse, it can be extremely difficult getting answers you need, when you need them. The authors have all experienced severe frustration either as the agent searching and begging for answers, or working in an industry related field across from, or alongside, agents who failed to educate themselves. Having leaned on one another in the past to share experiences, answer one another's questions, and increase their business, they came to realize that the real estate industry needed a "one shop stop" book of answers. Learn directly from a real estate broker, real estate attorney, mortgage broker, home inspector, insurance broker, and business attorney as they share what they expect every agent to know.

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